Student Recommendation 

Dear Jo

Further to our telephone chat I do so hope that our 'Yoga for ME' classes are to continue at the leisure centre.

I must say that I was initially hesitant to attend as all other forms of graded excercise had often resulted in making my condition worse. After my first session with you I was quite expecting my symptoms to flare up either immediately or by the next day as is often the case.

However I am most relieved and pleased to find that was not the result. I did in fact experience the best nights sleep that I have had for ages. Maybe it is the combination of breathing techniques alnog with gentle stretching and relaxation that is so beneficial?

I have never been able to breath deeply and correctly and find that one can get caught up in a cycle of pain, muscle weakness, which in itself reduces activity levels, fatigue after any exertion not to mention the profound mental fatigue. Somehow my yoga sessions have broken through this cycle enabling me to put the relaxation techniques into practice when needed.

It's early days, but anything that benefits me is worth pursuing.

So thank you for your help and support and I do hope more people can hear of the classes and avail themselves of the help on offer.