Gentle Yoga is an introduction to the benefits of learning to relax and energise with Yoga.
  • Specially designed for people with ME/CFS
  • For anyone confined to bed
  • For use after an operation
  • Suitable for anyone wanting to work extremely gently
  • For use on the not so good low energy days

It begins with your breath, learning the fundamentals of breath control-learning the power of correct breathing. If you learn how to control your breath, you can influence how you feel emotionally and physically. Deeper and smoother breathing slows your heartbeat, reduces the flow of adrenalin and increases the flow of endorphinns, your body's natural tranquilliser. Yoga means 'union' or balance',
it works on the physical body, the mind and the emotions.

The programme can be done lying on a bed or the floor. It will target what you can do rather than what you can't. Listen to your body, work at your own pace.