Guidelines for Yoga

In order that your Yoga practice is as enjoyable as possible please make a note of the following points before you begin.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy movement, avoid tight waistbands and belts

  • Bring a non-slip mat for posture work, and a blanket for relaxation, as the body temperature tends to drop after exercise

  • It is advisable to remove jewellery as it can be uncomfortable

  • It is advisable to practice Yoga in bare feet, so remove socks and tights before you begin

  • If you have long hair tie it back out of the way so that it does not distract you

  • It is suggested that you should wait four hours after a heavy meal and two hours after a light meal before practising. If this is not possible for you then a very light snack is alright

  • Do not practice Yoga in direct sunlight or after a long period of sunbathing

Yoga is non-competitive and non judgemental. How you compare with others is irrelevant. "Kind effort " should be practised, maintaining awareness and respect for your body and its present limits. The competitive approach will only create tension.

There should not be any unnecessary strain or force when practising Yoga. You should feel fairly comfortable and relaxed. A gentle stretch is enough; there should definitely not be any pain.

Check with your G.P. if you are unsure if you are able to practise Yoga, especially if you have a serious illness or have recently had an operation.

Please remember you are responsible for your health.